Russian Ministries launches an outreach to at-risk youth in Russia.

By March 2, 2005

Russia (MNN)–The tragedy of Beslan still haunts the town. The site of a deadly rebel school seige in September, very few families were untouched by the tragedy.

The resulting difficulties faced by the survivors sheds light on many of the security fears faced not only by the families elsewhere, but also by the youth.

Unemployment remains high, HIV infections rates are rising, and substance abuse continues to claim victims. In response to current threats to children and youth in Russia, Russian Ministries is launching the Time to Live! Fund.

It’s a new ministry effort to help at-risk children and youth in Russia. RMI wants to better help national Christians reach out with mercy ministries to children already infected with HIV and youth who are at risk of contracting this deadly disease.

They are partnering with local churches, civic officials, and social welfare organizations to reach out to young people. Some of the programs provide youth-oriented biblical training strategies for how to cope with the many difficulties youth are facing.

They hope to help 40,000 children and youth in the first 12 months.

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