Russian soldiers discover audio Bibles on fallen Ukrainians

By March 28, 2024

Russia (MNN) — Sources close to the Kremlin suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin is weighing two potential options to end the war in Ukraine. He may push west until Russian forces capture Kyiv or a closer goal like retaking Kharkiv.

Either way, the war is not ending soon. Yet, the Lord accomplishes His purposes amid what the devil intends for evil.

MegaVoice’s Darrell Templeton says, “God’s Word is powerful and will never return void. Our mission is to provide soldiers on both sides [and] the Church on both sides with the Word of God.”

Church partners in Russia tell MegaVoice surprising news.

“We have testimonies from Russian soldiers that found audio Bibles on the Ukrainian soldiers they captured or killed. One Russian soldier said that the Ukrainian soldiers [with audio Bibles] seem not afraid to die,” Templeton says.

“He said that they are ‘zombified’ because they are hearing something on these devices, and he says, ‘They believe it. I’ve been listening, and I’m starting to believe it, too.’”

MegaVoice partners with churches on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war.
(Photo courtesy of MegaVoice)

Pray that soldiers who find audio Bibles will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray MegaVoice can keep church partners supplied with audio Bibles.

“The Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars, and we are living in those days,” Templeton says.

“We want to be busy making sure that everyone everywhere will be able to hear and understand the Good News in their language.”



Header image is a map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Feb. 24, 2022 to March 15, 2024. (Wikimedia Commons)

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