Russians Wants ‘Real’ Christianity

By June 29, 2007

Russia (MNN) — A mission team from Global Aid Network returned from a mission trip to Vladimir, Russia this week. 

They visited hospitals, schools, social centers, baby houses and some homes, traveling to places that churches and mission agencies suggested have the most need. At each location they are able to offer supplies and aid. "And then we also, of course, take in the Gospel," said Tim Burns of Global Aid.

Practical help causes people to wonder why these Christians have traveled 5,000 miles to help people they have never met.

"If you see somebody and you say, ‘Hey, be warm and be fed,' but you don't
actually feed them or clothe them, that profits them nothing. But here we're actually able to clothe them and feed them and then give them the Gospel, so it's a great
introduction to the Gospel because first they experience the practical outpouring of the love of Christ."

Burns says the stories of people who came to Christ started the first day with a home visit.  "What they want to see is not necessarily a system of what we say religion is, but they want to see it practically worked out in life. They want to see a real relationship."

It is important for Global Aid to partner with locals because the need is constant. "The fact of the matter is that there are needs 52 weeks out of the year and not just two out of the 50. So somebody has to come in and be able to minister the rest of the time. That's rather important for us to be able to go in and partner with local churches and local missionaries so that the ministry can continue," says Burns.

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