Sacramento revs up for revival

By February 7, 2012

USA (MNN) — Sacramento, California is in the thick of change: eternal change.

A band of 270 churches and counting are engaging in a "Season of Service." The Season was kicked off with help from the Luis Palau Association on Martin Luther King Day.

"[Season of Service] is a four-month period of churches coming together and serving: being the hands and feet of Christ, meeting tangible needs in the city," explains Levi Park with the Palau Association.

Churches have been busy with various projects reaching out to the community to quell hunger, promote health and wellness, uplift the homeless, improve public education, and help families in need. The churches are collaborating with the ambitious goal of logging 3 million community services hours, all as a means to show Christ's love.

"It's the hands and feet of Christ serving the community, creating a platform to where people are more apt to hear what we say and hear the Gospel message," adds Park.

The Season will continue to add church projects along the way and will culminate in a two-day festival in June. The week leading up to the festival will include training 2,000-3,000 people in evangelism, outreach to prisons, and luncheons for prominent business leaders. At the festival itself, the Gospel message will be preached eight or nine times.

Park says the city is aglow with excitement. "It just seems like there's a sense of expectancy of what God is going to do in Sacramento. And many feel that as Sacramento goes, so goes California. As California goes, so goes the country."

Many key evangelical figures have been talking about revival in the United States. The key ingredient for revival in the U.S. or in Sacramento, though, is prayer.

Park asks for prayer that God would move. "There's just a sense there that people keep talking about revival and about God visiting the city. [Pray] that God would do so."

You can become a prayer warrior for the festival now, and you can also get involved directly if your church is in or near Sacramento. Find out more about how to pray or add your church to the Season at

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