‘Safari Service’ visits viewers door-to-door

By July 8, 2010

Middle East (MNN) — Knock. Knock. Knock.

Imagine you are a SAT-7 viewer, and you open your door to
several smiling faces looking back at you, ready to entertain you with music
and the messages you hear from some of your favorite TV programs.

SAT-7, a Christian satellite television service to the
Middle East and North Africa, just launched their new program, "Safari
Service," doing exactly that. Arab youth, musicians, singers and
evangelists are going door-to-door, visiting village after village, stopping
at hospitals, orphanages and homes.

Made possible through generous donors, this program allows
viewers to meet followers of Christ face-to-face. Middle Easterners are pleasantly
surprised by these visits, and they greet their visitors warmly.

In fact, in one village, after working in the fields all
day, the entire village showed up at night and set up street lights typically only used for weddings.

Viewers see that SAT-7 cares, and the personal visits are
changing their view of Christians.

Pray for this ministry as SAT-7 impacts thousands of lives with the love of Christ and His Word.

Visit SAT-7's Web site to help fund "Safari
Service" and their door-to-door ministry.

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