Sanctity of Human Life Sunday approaches

By January 9, 2012

USA (MNN) — "Sanctity of Human Life" Sunday will be observed
throughout the United States on Sunday, January 22, 2012.

Johnny Carr with
Bethany Christian Services explains, "This
year, the fourth Sunday in January, which is the 22nd, is the actual anniversary
date of the Roe v. Wade decision–January 22, 1973. The important
thing is that we take a Sunday in January and actually bring into focus what it
means to talk about Sanctity of life."

Since 1973, more than 15 million
unborn children have died in legalized abortions. Abortion denied them the first and most basic
of human rights and freedoms, and in their absence, society feels the loss of
worth and dignity of an individual.

In observing Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, people are not
only raising awareness about the issue, but also providing solutions. More than ever, pastors are teaching not just
biblical principle, but also responsibility. "God
says, 'I knew you before I formed you. I
have a plan for your life, and it's a very focused and a very direct plan for
your life.' So we talk about that and bring into focus
biblical principles, for churches to be aware of what's going on."

Heightened social justice awareness means that believers are
beginning to respond to the cause. Carr
says, "One of the things that we can do is to emphasize the importance of
adoption. If a young lady chooses life for her child but she is not able to parent
that child, then we need to be there as the Church."

That's especially true for the adoptive parents. "We're seeing small groups step out and
really minister to that family, and come around them and support them through
their adoption. We're seeing churches make special needs ministries in their
churches so families adopting special needs kids have a safe place to go."

Development and member care are the follow up to the most
basic message of adoption: it's biblical. Carr explains, "That's the beauty of the Gospel.
It's not about our past. Adoption is about our future. It's a new future home. It's a new name that God has given us, so earthly adoption is just an incredible
picture of what God has done for us."

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is about more than an issue.
It's about hope and a future. Check our
Featured Links section for resources your church can use to open discussions about
what to do and how to respond.

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