SAT-7 celebrates 15 years.

By April 12, 2011

International (SAT7/MNN) —  SAT-7, a Christian satellite television
ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, marks 15 years of ministry this

Since March 1996, the ministry team in Cyprus has been
dedicated to sharing the Gospel message through their daily broadcasts to the region.

As the ministry grew, SAT-7 began to be described in terms
like amazing, visionary, impossible, timely, strategic.
In essence, their calling is also to carry
the truth about salvation and eternal life to an unbelieving world.

Writers used the word "light" to mean "goodness" and "holiness" all throughout the New Testament.
The apostle Paul understood the importance of carrying the light of the Gospel
to an unbelieving world and dedicated himself to sharing the good news with
those who did not believe. Like Paul, SAT-7 takes seriously their Commission of being light bearers to their

SAT-7 CEO Terry Ascott has led the adventure, along with Rita El Mounayer,
executive director of SAT-7 ARABIC channels, who has also been with the
ministry from its inception. The very first program, shot in a kitchen with a
borrowed camera, was only the beginning.

Today, SAT-7 broadcasts 24/7 on 4 channels in 3 languages: Arabic,
Farsi and Turkish. Some would call the growth "amazing." In light of all the unrest in the region in
which their teams work, it is obvious that God has guided and provided opportunities,
safety and protection.

Pray that regardless of the upheaval in the MENA region,
SAT-7 would be able to reach millions of people every day with the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. 

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