SAT-7 KIDS is impacting lives, here’s how

By April 26, 2019

MENA (MNN) – SAT-7 KIDS falls under the umbrella of SAT-7,  a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. In the last two years, the channel’s viewership has significantly increased. However, while numbers can give an empirical value for the channel’s impact, stories from listeners provide a more personal expression of the impact this organization is having.

Measuring Impact

Typically SAT-7 can measure its success through three sources: statistics, audience relations, and live programs. The live programs provide a platform for audience interaction and feedback. Andrea El Mounayer, channel manager for SAT-7 KIDS, says the channel makes God’s love visible by leading by example.

“We believe that children, they are the best source in this new generation to lead other children,” El Mounayer says.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 KIDS via Facebook)

And they really are. One viewer, 13-year-old Adam from Egypt, told SAT-7 KIDS he’s not a Christian, but discovered SAT-7 KIDS’ program ‘Family of Jesus’ through a friend and really enjoys the channel.

“Iman from Sudan [says] ‘all that I love from your program is the love you guys equally share for each other. The gospel songs, I hope I get them on my phone. I greet all my friends in Jesus name and I pray that all of their steps are right in the path of Jesus. I also pray for the managers of the program, I wish success upon you guys,’” El Mounayer says.

The program is also bringing hope in a country facing multiple crises.

“Samira from Yemen. ‘I’m 17 years old and I wanted to let you know that I follow your program, Family of Jesus, and I like it very much. Greetings from Yemen,’” El Mounayer shares.

Fuel for More

It’s this type of feedback which fuels SAT-7 KIDS to continue creating content which makes God’s love visible. Plus, it’s not just kids who are watching the SAT-7 KIDS channel; adults are exposed to it too.

El Mounayer says SAT-7 KIDS will get feedback from parents whose kids watch their programming. One parent described to SAT-7 KIDS how their children will watch the channel together while the parent sits nearby. The parent said the kids love the content and focus on the details in each episode.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 KIDS via Facebook)

“This also makes us happy because such feedback tells us that we are unifying the family together. We are having parents sitting with their kids and watching the program,” El Mounayer says.

One time El Mounayer received an email from a parent which said, “You make a big difference in raising up or our children, God protect you and strengthen you and bless your great ministry. Because of you, our daughter loves Jesus so much.”

Will you help support SAT-7 KIDS work to make God’s love visible in the Middle East and North Africa? Start by praying. Pray for SAT-7 KIDS’ continued impact in the lives of its viewers. Pray parents will keep turning on SAT-7 for their kids and for Christ’s love to be experienced through the programming. Also, pray for SAT-7 KIDS to have the necessary funds to continue its current work and even expand.

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*Viewer names have been changed for security reasons.



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 KIDS.

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