SAT-7 KIDS’ My School production delayed

By October 25, 2019

Lebanon (MNN) — The call for better public services in Lebanon underlies some of SAT-7’s work in the region. SAT-7 is a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. It offers education through its My School program, produced by SAT-7 ACADEMY and aired on the channel SAT-7 KIDS.

But if funding doesn’t come in soon, that might not be true anymore.

Delays in Production

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Juliana Sfeir is the SAT-7 ACADEMY Brand Manager. She says that due to limited funds and high production costs, the next season of My School might not happen.

If My School production cannot continue, the kids will be the ones to suffer. No one else is providing the amount or quality of content on such a wide platform as SAT-7 KIDS and SAT-7 ACADEMY does.

“Children in Lebanon and the region, they are dreaming of something better, of a bright future. And thousands of kids, even those who are living in refugee camps, they rely on our educational programs to change their lives. Even the parents rely on us doing this for their kids and for them,” Sfeir says.

Already SAT-7 has received pleas from families to continue their My School program. However, creating another season of the program is no small feat, especially when the organization works to create quality, sophisticated educational content.

“We rely on research. We rely on specialists and these people cost a lot of money. But, they are worth it and [it is] are worth working with them,” Sfeir explains.

What is My School?

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SAT-7 adjusts how it produces My School content based on grade level and the shifting culture. For example, Sfeir says SAT-7 ACADEMY is moving the My School program towards shorter segments with more interactive opportunities.

My School also integrates culture, history, math, science, languages, tradition, character education, human rights education, financial education, and much more into the program.

My School is accessible on TV through SAT-7 KIDS. The content is also posted to SAT-7 ACADEMY’s social media platforms and on its website. Currently, the organization is working on an e-learning platform to make My School content even more accessible. But all of this work requires financial funds.

“We are waiting for God’s gifts, honestly,” Sfeir says.

Next Steps

My School

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Here is how you can help. First, start with prayer.

Pray God will raise the necessary funds to continue My School. Ask Him to use this program to reveal His love for all. Pray for peace in Lebanon, and the rest of the Middle East and North Africa.

Sfeir also encourages people to check out My School on social media platforms or by visiting the website HERE.

Finally, if God has moved your heart to give, please consider gifting SAT-7 KIDS with a financial present to support the My School program.

To give to SAT-7 KIDS and designate the funds for My School, click here.



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA.

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