Gift shop in Bethlehem supports college education and local community

By October 25, 2019

Palestine (MNN) – With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. The Star Bazaar, a gift shop in Bethlehem, is already preparing unique gift items from the Holy Land.

Star Bazaar is the gift shop for Bethlehem Bible College. It was originally started to bring in extra funds for the college. Now, the gift shop supports students attending the school and many local artists in the community.

Anne*, the gift shop manager at Star Bazaar, says, “We noticed that we had a need in the community for people to have a platform to sell their items.

“We feel that this is a wonderful way that we could actually help the people on the ground as well as get their items known and sold over the world as we also have an online gift shop,” she adds.

Star Bazaar Supports Education

(Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College)

The gift shop provides many opportunities for students attending Bethlehem Bible College so they can fund their education. Some students make and sell products at the gift shop to support their schooling. Those who can’t make products have the opportunity to work at the gift shop when they need help

Anne adds, “The shop helps with generating extra income for scholarships for those who do not have skills that can actually sell their product.”

Community members working to fund their children’s education can sell products at the Star Bazaar too. One staff member at the Star Bazaar created a Christmas item this year called “Holy Land Spices—Christmas Edition.”

Anne explains that the shop also supports those with disabilities, including one man who can hardly move his leg.

“We helped him develop a very basic and simple product; it’s a coaster set that helps him because he only has a saw. So, we developed a product for him so that he can also have some funds because he would like his daughter to study at the Bible College,” she says.

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

(Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College)

The Star Bazaar has many unique items for sale during the Christmas season this year. Some of their most exciting items include the Holy Land Spices set and the Olivewood spice jar. This spice jar includes a packet of Za’atar, a spice eaten with bread in the Holy Land.

They also have wooden, hand-made nativity sets and blown-glass Christmas ornaments.

Would you like to get involved with Star Bazaar and Bethlehem Bible College? Click here for more information on how to connect with Star Bazaar or click here to learn more about Bethlehem Bible College.

Anne explains that supporting the gift shop can happen through online Christmas shopping and prayer. “[It’s] a unique opportunity to have something from the Holy Land that… you cannot find anywhere else.”

She asks for prayers for wisdom and community, as well. “We would love to have your prayers and help us to always be a community that reaches out and lifts the love of Christ,” she says.

Pray for Star Bazaar this year that they may receive support and the funds they need.


*Name changed for security purposes.



Header photo courtesy of Star Bazaar and Bethlehem Bible College.