SAT-7 KIDS producing season 2 of Challenge Accepted

By July 21, 2022

Middle East (MNN) — SAT-7 KIDS has begun filming the second season of Challenge Accepted, a game show for kids around the Middle East.

Two teams of four answer biblical questions, race in wheelbarrows, go through obstacle courses, and more. Each set for the show is modeled after a different biblical location.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 USA says the contestants come from around the region. “Perhaps most importantly, some come from traumatic or difficult backgrounds. So this show is really created to be a fun and safe way for them to experience the teamwork with others that they some have not had before.”

“It happens in a Christian environment, so it really modeling Christian cooperation with brothers and sisters in Christ.”

One girl, Thalia, grew in confidence during the first season. She began expressing her thoughts without fear of judgment. Oliver had his first experience working in a team.

Pray Challenge Accepted will show the love of God to families around the Middle East, “even in their struggles,” Willey says. “And their struggles may be economic. They may be an isolated believer in a sea of people who don’t share their beliefs. And that’s difficult. We also pray that viewers would be encouraged by God’s Word.”

Ask God to strengthen the producers of Challenge Accepted as well.



Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA. 

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