SAT-7 KIDS program addresses childhood trauma

By November 4, 2022

MENA (MNN) — When children experience trauma, it doesn’t go away. It stays with them, shaping who they become as adults.

The SAT-7 KIDS show Why is That? was created to address trauma, both from a psychological perspective and through the story of Jesus. Joe Willey says, “It’s a new 13-part series. Each episode begins with a drama featuring a problem or a traumatic event and how it affects children. The children, after the drama, will then go and see Geddo, who is a grandfather character.”

“He helps them process really what they’ve seen and experienced, using games and activities to explain biblical truth.”

Geddo shares that no matter what the kids have experienced, God is always with them. The show also teaches kids that what happened is not their fault, especially since many have been blamed for their trauma.


The show deals with sexual abuse, religious persecution, and the trauma of extreme poverty.

Since adults principally cause childhood trauma, SAT-7 wanted parents to be able to watch as well. Willey says, “Trauma impacts your relationships with others, and it impacts your relationship with God. So trauma cannot be hidden in darkness. It needs to be brought into the light. Even if it’s a children’s program, it does show adults that God does amazing things when we bring difficulties and trauma into the light.”

Childhood trauma doesn’t just happen in the Middle East and North Africa. Pray kids around the world would encounter Jesus’ love.

Why is That? is currently in production and will be broadcast on SAT-7 KIDS starting in January 2023.



The header photo shows Gedda with the kids. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA)

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