SAT-7 meeting Christian discipleship needs in Turkiye

By January 9, 2024
hands, prayer, talking Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Turkiye (MNN) — In countries with religious freedom, resources for Christian discipleship are almost endless — even taken for granted. You have Bible studies, Christian conferences, biblical counseling centers, books on Christian living, and so much more.

But in countries like Turkiye, Christian discipleship resources are extremely limited and difficult to find.

SAT-7’s Joe Willey says, with Christians making up less than 1% of Turkiye’s population, “Discipleship is crucial because there is a misunderstanding often about even what a Christian is. What is Christianity?

“If a person is a Christian [in Turkiye] and they have no resources and no network, then really they are isolated. There can be also an incredible sense of discouragement and a real lack of growth in becoming more like Jesus Christ.”

SAT-7 TÜRK has a new satellite television program in Turkiye called Practicing Discipleship.

SAT-7 TURK (Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

“There are topics that are approached [such as] biblical generosity [or] forgiveness,” says Willey. “The host explains from a biblical point of view, ‘What is forgiveness? What is generosity?’ They search Scripture and they say, ‘Here’s what the Bible says. Here’s how we are supposed to live our lives.’”

Pray for Turkish believers’ spiritual growth through discipleship and connection with other Christians. Also, thank the Lord for SAT-7’s crucial ministry meeting discipleship needs in the Turkish Church!

Willey says, “These isolated believers, for one, they know they’re not alone. There are others. There is prayer on these programs too. So they are prayed for; they are discipled.”

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Header photo courtesy of Jeremy Jap/Unsplash.

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