SAT-7 partnerships provide Christian content in the Middle East and North Africa

By September 28, 2018

MENA (MNN) — Partnerships within the global Church are changing. SAT-7, a Christian satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is on board with the shift.

Partnerships: a Changing Landscape

In the past, partnerships within the global Church have looked like partnerships between mission agencies and church bodies. However, there are indigenous churches across the globe now.

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“We need to listen to the indigenous church in whatever country you’re going to. We need to sit at the table with them.” SAT-7 USA’s Vice President for Ministry Partnerships Dennis Wiens explains. “What are their concerns? What are their challenges?”

“How can the Western agency, the denomination come alongside that indigenous church to encourage, strengthen, and empower that church in how they see the strategy for growing the church in their country.”

Part of SAT-7’s vision is to see the growth of the national churches in the Middle East and North Africa. Wiens says SAT-7 uniquely brings denominations and mission agencies into partnerships where there historically have been none.

“There are about 30 different partners of SAT-7 that have come together around the core message of the Gospel, this vision to see a growing church, and to do something that’s never been done in all work and unity across the Middle East, and show unity in the Church,” Wiens says.

SAT-7 Partnerships to Share Christ

SAT-7 is an indigenous ministry to the MENA region. The organization produces and shares Christian-based programming that shares a Christian worldview, church services, discipleship, theological education, dramas, and even live programming. Partnerships with other organizations help believers at SAT-7 share biblical content in a cultural context.

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Partnership with SAT-7 can look like lending personnel, sharing content, or offering help in accounting, broadcast media, communications, or production. SAT-7 broadcasts into the major languages of the Middle East. The organization can take content and translate it into these languages and broadcast it over satellite TV, web streaming services, and even provide access to content through social media.

“A great example of a partnership is with the Jesus Film [Project]. The crew has a great product in the JESUS Film. SAT-7 is a great distribution of that content,” Wiens shares.

Get Involved

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Another way to partner with SAT-7 is through prayer. Pray for God’s continued guidance of SAT-7’s ministry. Ask God to provide SAT-7 with the necessary resources and personnel to produce content which glorifies Him. Finally, pray for SAT-7’s programming to positively impact lives with God’s Word.

Lastly, consider financially partnering with SAT-7. It takes financial resources to produce the content this ministry shares.

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