SAT-7 provides help for abuse victims in the Middle East

By July 21, 2020

Lebanon (MNN) — A woman suffering domestic violence in Lebanon was connected to help through the SAT-7 ARABIC program You Are Not Alone.

Recently, You Are Not Alone addressed the problem of domestic violence in the Middle East. Joe Willey, Marketing and Communications Manager of SAT-7 USA, says, “Reports of abuse in the Middle East in North Africa (MENA) have surged during the pandemic. This specific caller, Fadia, spoke from Lebanon. In fact, she was on a Lebanese street to avoid being overheard at home.”

Fadia* was beaten daily by her husband, and so were her children. And the laws in Lebanon will not protect Fadia them. Her family knows about the abuse, but they cannot help.

SAT-7 brings the hope of the Gospel to those struggling with domestic abuse. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7 on Facebook)

Thankfully, SAT-7 was able to connect Fadia with a local organization that can get her out of the situation. Willey says, “SAT-7 not only shares the Gospel and biblical guidance but also provides practical resources to help those in need. It is an opportunity that we relish to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

SAT-7’s work in MENA

As the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading around the world and into the Middle East, SAT-7 created the program You Are Not Alone to connect with people in the MENA region.

Willey says, “The program’s purpose is to provide biblically-based spiritual encouragement to viewers struggling with loneliness, anxiety, and grief caused by the pandemic.” Read more about the program here. This program, along with many other SAT-7 programs, gives a platform to people that society would otherwise ignore.

Willey encourages Christians to pray for the work that SAT-7 is doing in the MENA region. “Pray that these programs will be effective in reaching people who either are continually struggling or have struggled in the past, specifically with domestic abuse. Pray that SAT-7 will be an agent in helping break down the social stigma that keeps victims trapped.”

Most of all, pray that through this compassionate work, many would see who Jesus is and be drawn to Him.



*Name changed for security purposes

The header image is courtesy of SAT-7 on Facebook.