SAT-7 helps vulnerable people in MENA know they are not alone

By June 10, 2020

Syria (MNN) — SAT-7 created a new program designed to reach people in MENA struggling with financial burdens and despair during COVID-19.

COVID-19 lockdowns have left a trail of hardship across the Middle East and North Africa. Refugees, domestic abuse victims, and other vulnerable groups now have economic troubles to deal with on top of their everyday battles.

That’s why SAT-7 ARABIC has created the new program You are Not Alone as part of its response to COVID-19. Joe Willey says, “The viewers of these programs have faced a loss of their income, their family and home stability because of the pandemic. Some have actually fled from their homes due to war. And they have had to deal with a pandemic in refugee camps.”

A map showing all of the countries with access to SAT-7. (Photo courtesy of SAT7 on Facebook)

The pre-recorded program is designed to connect with viewers during the lockdown. Willey says, “You are Not Alone was created to bring spiritual encouragement to viewers who are struggling with loneliness, anxiety, and grief caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It broadcasts a 25-minute episode three times weekly. You are Not Alone shares important news regarding the pandemic and stories that help viewers feel connected.” Willey says the program also features psychological advice for how to stay physically and emotionally healthy during the pandemic.

Who the program helps

The program has helped many people. One father, a refugee from Syria, describes himself as “200 percent” worried about his children, both for their education and their health. He has no work, and the only thing the family can do to social distance is to never leave their tent.

Pray The Gospel will be available to all in MENA through SAT7 programming. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Another man, a taxi driver from Lebanon, has two sick children to care for, and she shared her story with You are Not Alone. Read about more people who the show has connected with here.

Willey says, “Pray that God will use SAT7 and SAT7 ARABIC to make the Gospel available to everyone in the Middle East and North Africa. That is the primary goal. And we want to support the growing Church in that region as well. That’s during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Pray also that God will protect the vulnerable people in MENA as the pandemic continues and economic uncertainty follows. The lockdowns have caused a lot of despair; pray that the love and power of Jesus will cut through it.



Psychologist Rima Najm Bajani on the show “You are Not Alone.” (Photo courtesy of SAT7 on Facebook)

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