Wycliffe USA offers the gift of hope with yearly catalog

By June 10, 2020

USA (MNN) — When most work has slowed down, Wycliffe Bible Translators is ramping up production – especially on their Christmas catalog.

Every year, Wycliffe Bible Translators publishes a catalog of Bible translation projects so that people can help give the gift of God’s Word to those who have never heard it before. Gifts can be made directly or in honor of someone else.

Many Facets of Translation Work

Melissa Stillman, director of development at Wycliffe USA, says that it takes about six months to narrow down about 200 projects to the 25 or 30 projects that they feature. These projects represent different areas of translation work.

Stillman says, “So the categories might be something like translation projects, training projects, projects that benefit children, audio visual projects with partners like the Jesus Film Project, and things where Scriptures are being introduced to a community for the very first time.”

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

In 2019, for example, Wycliffe USA featured a project filming someone signing Mark and 1 Corinthians for their Colombian Sign Language Bible team. Another gift supported the translation of the New Testament for two people groups in Burkina Faso.

Offering Tangible Hope

Stillman says that this year, prep has taken on extra meaning. With much of the world facing uncertainty because of COVID-19, people are searching for hope and answers.

“The Wycliffe USA gift catalog offers concrete ways that believers can be the hands and feet of Jesus for people facing difficult circumstances without the hope that we have in God’s Word,” Stillman says. “We’re just so excited to be able to present opportunities for fellow believers to give the hope found in God’s Word during this time.”

Work Covered in Prayer

Narrowing down projects, writing, and producing the catalog takes a lot of work and wisdom. Stillman says that every week, their four-person team picks a new verse to pray over the catalog. They want just the right projects to land in the catalog for 2020.

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

Stillman emphasizes that prayer guides their work. “We really rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us in featuring projects that give the Church in the United States the greatest opportunity to join God in the work of Bible translation in its many forms.”

Not only does their team pray for this work, but Stillman also asks believers to join them. Pray that God’s words would fill the pages and motivate people who receive the catalog to join translation work.

Pray, Preorder, Give

“God willing, the gift catalog will be available in early October and if people were wanting to go ahead and preorder a copy, they could email us at [email protected],” Stillman says. “We’ll keep lists running so that we can make sure to have that out to them as soon as it is available. We’re just as excited. We can’t wait for it to be available.”

Pray for the continued work of Stillman and the rest of the team as they pull together the 2020 catalog. Preorder the catalog as a reminder of the translation work that still needs to be done as the holidays approach. Lastly, join Wycliffe USA this year by giving translation gifts as part of your Christmas shopping.



Header photo courtesy of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

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