SAT-7 reaching out with ‘The Peace” after bombings in Egypt and London

By August 3, 2005

Egypt (MNN) — Egyptian police shot dead one of the prime suspects in the July 23rd bombing which killed at least 64 people in Sharm el-Sheikh. The attacks in London also shook people to their souls. The bombings just adds to the tension already evident throughout the world as these attacks are becoming far too common.

SAT 7’s Debbie Brink says this bombing hit home. “We do have a studio in Egypt, so it was close to home this time. But, in addition was also have staff in London. Fortunately none of our staff or donors that we know of were involved; no families, that we’re aware of, lost any loved ones.”

Brink says SAT-7 isn’t ignoring the problem. “We have had special programs on the air to have the leaders of the different Christian denominations address this issue and try to give hope to people in the Middle East. In addition we’re encouraging our viewers to pray for changes to take place in the Middle East and trust God who’s the only one who can bring hope.”

As violence is increasing in throughout this region of the world, some would think a Christian television ministry would be concerned as they coincide with a Muslim culture. Brink says, “We don’t attack Islam and so we hope that, that will keep them from seeing us as a threat. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t air western programs very much. We produce our programs in the region with Arabic speaking Christians. They see Arabic faces on the screen and legitimizes Christianity for them as not just a western religion.”

This month, SAT-7 is giving away an “Atlas of Changed Lives.” It’s a booklet that tells amazing stories of people in the Middle East and North Africa who have come to Christ through the ministry of SAT-7. Get it by going to or by calling (800) 284-9361 (in the US & Canada).

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