Scholarship winners lay groundwork for future global outreach

By December 2, 2011

International (HCJB/MNN) — Two college students
are benefiting from far-sighted thinkers.

A year ago, Moody Radio partnered with Trans World
Radio and HCJB Global for the Global Partners Project. The goal was to raise funds for radio
equipment in Guam and West Africa, as well as money for two four-year
scholarships to Moody Bible Institute.

The idea
behind the Moody's Global Leaders Scholarship Program was to educate two next
generation radio professionals from countries where both organizations serve. Training radio professionals creates the potential
for effective radio ministry after receiving a quality Bible education from MBI.

Scholarship recipients Lebo Pooe (South Africa)
and Shane O'Regan (Ireland) have just begun their studies, but both dream of returning
to their home countries to share the hope of Christ using radio as a medium.

In addition
to studying at MBI, each recipient will train under Moody Radio. The students
will spend 15-20 hours per week during the school year at Moody Radio and work
full-time during the summer break.



a freshman communications major, was raised by a single mom in South Africa. Along
the way, Pooe fell in love with radio. "I
understood the power of the microphone," she said. "I had fallen in love with
broadcasting. I wanted to use radio as a platform to encourage other young
people in my township."

Pooe began to work for TWR in Johannesburg as the on-air personality for
TWR-Africa. Attending Moody was always a
dream. "Here I am … about to start the greatest journey of my life," she said.
"In my own capacity, in my own abilities, I could have never [studied at Moody].
Because Jesus is who He is, because He is the God of second chances, because
His grace is more than anything else, here I am sharing what He has done and
how He's protected me, and He's been so gracious toward me."

O'Regan, also a freshman communications major, grew up in Bandon, Ireland,
which is predominately Catholic. He was
raised in a Christian home, although his parents were Catholics who converted
to Protestantism before they were married.

When he was 14, O'Regan found music and radio. He followed that passion closely
and eventually found Christian music. In an
effort to glean everything he could about radio, he joined HCJB Global's first
summer internship program in Europe last summer. Since then, he has developed a weekly youth
outreach radio program called "Rebel Rhythms" on LifeFM, the mission's partner
station in Cork.

In his scholarship application,
O'Regan wrote, "Radio is an extremely powerful medium influencing people of
every race, status and religion. The use
of media such as radio has proven to be an effective and powerful means to
communicate the Gospel to those who would never otherwise come in contact with
it. The prospect of being trained and equipped in such a ministry excites me

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