‘Schools for Schools’ initiative binds U.S. and Ugandan schools with clean water

By October 2, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — Hundreds of Ugandan children won’t attend school this week. It’s not a lack of initiative: it’s a lack of clean water.

Fifty schools in Ruhaama County in Uganda have no safe drinking water at their facilities. The best source of water at most schools is a bacteria-infested swamp. Because children need to stay hydrated, they drink from these unsafe sources, often contracting diseases such as typhoid or cholera. These diseases leave students ill at home, unable to attend classes. Illnesses cause children to quickly fall behind in their studies and can sometimes result in death.

To obtain safe drinking water, many students walk miles every day. This can be another hindrance to school attendance. Some children have such a long walk that they choose not to go to school so that they can spend the day providing water for their families.

Most Ugandans have no higher than a third-grade education level, due in serious part to the ramifications of unsafe drinking water. But this problem can be easily treated if only someone is willing to share a helping hand.

Living Water International is partnering with Hands of Hope, the First Lady of Uganda and both Ugandan and American schools to see the issue put to an end. 50 to 75 American schools are invited to join in the initiative by raising money to build wells in Uganda. The wells will provide safe drinking water for the students so that one basic necessity will no longer hold them back from reaching their highest potential.

In order for this Schools for Schools campaign to provide safe water for all 50 Ugandan schools, at least $600,000 will need to be raised. Schools can participate through their class, grade, or entire school, each of which will have different fund-raising initiatives accordingly. Click here for more information.

Living Water International is dedicated to bringing the love of Christ to people through the provision of safe drinking water. Please consider being a light to these communities by suggesting that a school near you join the campaign, or joining in yourself. Positive changes in the schools will undoubtedly trickle down through the entire community.

Click here to watch a four-minute video of real children and teachers in Uganda who will benefit from your generosity.

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