Scripture booklets boost Ethiopia outreach

By December 31, 2021

Ethiopia (MNN) — New Gospel opportunities have emerged in Ethiopia. World Missionary Press (WMP) Scripture booklets are the tools believers need to walk through these open doors.

In an earlier update, WMP’s national coordinator wrote, “Literature is the way many people’s lives are changed for the better.”

“He calls [the material] a ‘shining light’ for people in rural areas that have never heard the name of Jesus. [From] the Muslim girl who has no way of reading the Word of God, [to] those that have backed away from God and need encouragement to come back,” WMP Freight Coordinator Helen Williams says.

“Literature is essential to reach countries like Ethiopia.”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Believers tell World Missionary Press the Scripture booklets are especially effective in Muslim outreach. One leader set up tables around his city when churches were closed earlier this year due to the pandemic. He left hundreds of Scripture booklets on these tables so people could encounter the Gospel.

“They took it as fast as he could put it on the table. The literature stays with them, and it speaks [to them] over and over because it’s the Word [of God],” Williams says.

In the past 30 years, World Missionary Press has sent 3.7 million Scripture booklets to ministries, individuals, and small groups in Ethiopia. Help WMP send another shipment to Ethiopia here. Each donated dollar helps produce 29 powerful Scripture booklets.

“Our prayer request is that these shipments get out of here once they’re ready. We have great difficulty getting shipping lanes and shipping assignments. The world economy is moving by container shipments, and it’s getting clogged,” Williams says.



Header image courtesy of World Missionary Press.