Scripture help keep prison inmates from repeat offenses.

By October 31, 2003

USA (MNN) — Their lives have been torn apart and Scripture is playing an important part in repairing the damage. We’re talking about prison inmates in the United States. Not too many people feel sorry for them, so some times they’re forgotten.

The International Bible Society doesn’t want to forget. IBS receives requests for Bible at a rate of 300 a week. IBS’s Steve Johnson says, “We’re talking about people, who for various reasons and various degrees whose lives have really been torn apart because of the decisions that they have made.”

Johnson says, “While in prison, they have the opportunity through the ministry of prison chaplains and other inmates to encounter Christ. But, one of the things that they need, they need access to the word of God,” says Johnson. He adds, “One of the things IBS has been able to do over the years is to provide nearly 20,000 Scriptures a year to inmates around the country free of charge.”

Johnson says IBS spends over 100-thousand dollars on this ministry, which is making a huge difference. “It’s such a critical area of need. These folks generally can’t pay for the Scriptures and the other thing that’s clear is that the data proves that inmates who encounter Christ and receive Him as Savior and study the word of God simply don’t end up back in prison once they’re released.”

Funding is needed to help expand this outreach to prisons not only in North America, but around the world.

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