Sea to Sea cyclists raise over $40,000 to help hurricane victims

By January 23, 2009

Nicaragua (MNN) — On September 4, 2007, Hurricane Felix made landfall on Nicaragua's Atlantic coast, delivering a devastating blow to members of the indigenous Miskito ethnic group. Thousands of families suffered significant losses, and the category 5 hurricane dealt fatal blows to crops and homes.

Since then, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and its local partner, Accioïn Medica Cristina (AMC), have been working to raise funding that would support farmers who lost crops in the storm. Twenty-four bicyclists completed a ride across Nicaragua earlier this month, raising $41,000 towards the $100,000 goal.

Cyclists began their journey December 29th on the Atlantic Coast and reached the Pacific coast on January 6th, completing the "Sea to Sea" voyage. The Sea to Sea Nicaragua group includes both Nicaraguans and North Americans from age 14 to 63 who hoped to raise both funding and awareness for victims of Hurricane Felix. Through a special arrangement, the Canada Food grains Bank will match every dollar raised by the cyclists 4:1 through the Canadian government.

If you feel that you could help victims of Hurricane Felix, click here to donate.

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