Second powerful earthquake in one week shakes western Afghanistan

By October 13, 2023

Afghanistan (MNN) — Western Afghanistan had another major aftershock on Wednesday after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake on Saturday killed over 2,400 people in 11 villages across the region. Wednesday’s second earthquake was another 6.3-magnitude near Herat City.

Roughly 90% of those killed were women and children at home. The first earthquake on Saturday struck while many of the men were out working.

Nehemiah with FMI says, “We have seen that beds were set up outside the main hospitals in Herat to receive a flood of victims. Of course, we have seen that people are requesting and praying to have food, drinking water, medicines, clothes, and tents.

Afghanistan flag (Photo courtesy of Farid Ershad via Unsplash)

“This is urgently needed for rescue and relief, and people are struggling and helping each other on their own.”

FMI has ministry partners with the underground Church in Afghanistan. Nehemiah says, “We’re trying to reach our partners and trying to make sure that at least they have a roof available for them, and winter is approaching. That will be very difficult for the people who are sitting just on the streets and having a difficult time with their families.”

FMI’s Christian partners are identifying needs in quake-affected communities to respond with aid and spiritual support.

“Pray for the people of Afghanistan. This is one of the spiritually darkest places on Earth,” says Nehemiah.

“We ask God for protection and comfort for those who have been affected by the earthquake, for the injured, the displaced people, and those who have lost loved ones. Pray for healing strength and comfort for them, and especially for FMI’s partners who are running here and there trying to get the information for their partners.”







Header photo of rescue efforts in a village of Herat Province after earthquake, October 2023. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Voice of America | VOA News, Public Domain,

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