Set Free Ministries: from drugs to Christ

By December 27, 2016

United States (MNN) — Yesterday we introduced you to Jonathan, a counselee of Set Free Ministries. He wants to share his story so that, maybe, he can help somebody else.

At this point, Jonathan was digging a deeper hole, looking for something to fill his life and his heart. He’d already tried self-harming, and had started to get into drugs.

“When I started getting really heavy into the drugs, I ended up getting involved in the electronic music scene on the East Coast, DJing for different music festivals and rave parties. And I got exposed to… I mean, there’s really no other word for it other than witchcraft.”

dj-743802_640Some people might scoff at the notion — and many people do. However, this is exactly why the concerts Jonathan is referring to are so dangerous. He says the music itself is not dangerous. It’s just music. But the way it is used? That’s another story.

“You’ve got all of these kids and these people taking psychedelic drugs and hallucinogens and listening to 500,000 watt sound systems of these huge sub-woofers where the vibrations are literally putting people into trances.”

He recalls a time where his friend seemed to be possessed. Someone claiming to be a shaman at the festival (and there were many) tried to cast the spirit out but could not.

New age spiritualism is becoming more and more normal in our culture. We’ve discussed in the past how really this activity is just a euphemism for demonic activity. However, as Jonathan explains, because it has become the norm, people don’t think twice about what they’re actually doing.

“People go to these festivals thinking they’re going to a music show when in reality it’s something totally different. And they don’t even realize what they’re a part of, and they take a little bit of whatever, and the next thing you know, their life is spiraling out of control just like mine did.”

From this tumultuous environment of heavy drugs, orgies, and fire rituals, Jonathan took still a deeper turn. He ended up getting involved in gang and criminal activity. He was hitting rock bottom.

And so, he moved to the Midwest to get away from it, and hopefully to escape his addictions. But, they followed him. He relapsed, got caught, went through Teen Challenge for a few months, but he still wasn’t better. He broke probation and ended up serving five months. That’s where Set Free stepped in.

Jonathan says, “It was a huge eye opener for me in having a group of men who were so devoted in seeing me free from the spiritual bondage I was in. And God has completely changed my life.”

The Set Free appointment helped Jonathan find the cause of his addiction. He was able to find healing in Jesus.

oxvjcyh_ldq-chetan-menaria“Since rededicating my life to Christ and being freed, going through the freedom appointments here with the guys, I’ve never been more happy. Most of my life, I was diagnosed with chronic depression, borderline personality disorder, I was taking close to 20 different medications a day almost a year ago.”

Today, Jonathan isn’t depressed. He is on fire for God.

“I ran around looking for love in all the wrong places my entire life. And until I really sought out God and His Son, you know, I’ve never been more happy in my life.”

Tomorrow, we’ll share the final part of his story along with some advice from Jonathan to anyone else who is struggling to fill that void.

Click here to learn more about Set Free Ministries at their website.

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  • Emy name is Mike this touched me a little drugs has ruined what I’ve worked so hard for its taken everything from me! I have a 3and 5year old tethered taken from me I lost my close to loosening my house it’s condimed lost my job after16 years my testimony. is heart breaking I’m faceing. 7 felonies and I don’t remember nothing.I’m so scared. Horified I can’t quit Crying,g no one Will. Talk to me I have a girlfriend is sticking helping me fight this addiction my father’s a minister. I have 2things I want all I want my girl oh how I want to marry her and and get my boys back!!!But most of all I want my life back I’m distorted and and begin,g God to help me. Pry for me please

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