Why are the seven deadly sins deadly? A television drama to answer

By July 22, 2014

Turkey¬†(MNN) — Think about the last time you turned on your TV. What do you remember?

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 TURK)

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 TURK)

A new television drama series of SAT-7 TURK, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, addresses the dangers that lurk within the content you’re viewing.

Start with commercials. It’s no secret people trying to sell you something have to make you desire it, out of need or want. But how often is that desire created out of the pre-existing desires of fallen human nature? Do they ever use any of the seven deadly sins–lust, envy, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, or gluttony–to draw you in?

If you think this is a ridiculous question, consider what the commercials are partitioning.

Your favorite TV show, for instance. At any point, does the show use one of the seven deadly sins to get your attention, drag the plot along, and entertain you? Maybe not your show, but you see how many programs are advertised using these themes.

The fact is, all too often these and other sins are used as entertainment value. They are glorified, commercialized, and underrated.

What’s the problem?

Have you ever thought about why the seven deadly sins are called “deadly?” They seem pretty harmless, after all.

That’s just it. These sins don’t come with the bright orange warning label like murder, robbery, and alcoholism do. They’re easy to reason with, easy to hide, and easy to fall into without noticing before they’ve significantly impacted your life. The consequences permeate many areas of your life without you being able to put a name from their cause.

SAT-7 is doing something about it

SAT-7 TURK is getting ready to release Seven, a drama series that addresses the implications of sin, re-sensitizing it’s viewers to the seriousness and offensiveness of sin. It also serves as a platform for discussion between viewers, regardless of their religion.

*A SAT-7 TURK worker says, “It’s an excellent medium for bringing up opportunity [to] further the discussion and [get] responses from people.”

The audience participates in an honest, yet meaningful, conversation through a collection of texts, Facebook posts, Twitter, etc.

“That’s one of the great advantages of television in Turkey,” says the TURK worker: “It’s popular. And people are quite open about speaking about their beliefs and their understanding about things, so that’s not a problem as long as it’s done, obviously, with respect in a way that doesn’t attack peoples’ belief.”

SAT-7 TURK seeks to present discussions for the breadth and depth of the Christian life by covering many different topics.

Seven is just one of many examples of how they present these themes, and a good one, too: “It’s a format that uses television really well. And because we’re a television ministry, we think it’s important to develop good drama, as I mentioned, that’s written by people who understand their faith well and their culture well. I think it’s a great way to communicate with our audience regarding the Christian faith,” the worker says.

SAT-7 is a way to connect, comfort, and guide believers wherever they are around the world.

As the TURK worker explains, “The Church in Turkey really benefits from this. The Church in Turkey is very small. Many Christians are living in isolated situations where it’s difficult to meet with other believers.

“Television ministry really is a key, strategic way of helping the Church.”

Your support will reach all the way to the Middle East!

You can help support this programming financially here.

The TURK worker says that the main way you can help is by talking to God.

“As we broadcast day-by-day different programs and try to reflect Christian life in all its fullness, pray that those programs would be helpful to all of the different churches in Turkey, in all of the different aspects in their life and their witness.”

You can also pray for SAT-7 TURK’s application for a Turkish broadcast license to be accepted. It will allow SAT-7 TURK to broadcast on the best satellite for a Turkish audience. Pray also for the Turkish people to look to God for guidance amid the turmoil and unrest taking place all around them in the Middle East.


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