SGA summer camps draw huge numbers

By October 4, 2021

Former Soviet Union (MNN) — COVID-19 continues to ravage Russia and other nations in the former Soviet Union.

But churches in partnership with the Slavic Gospel Association have stood by people in need, providing food and supplies during lockdowns and difficult economic times. Eric Mock says, “We were able to help provide over four and a half million meals during the pandemic, through over 800 churches who were each reaching into their community. And the result of that outreach was a dramatic increase in the number of families that were not only impacted by the Gospel and coming to faith, but a new sense of yearning to find out answers.”

Summer camps

As a result, SGA- sponsored summer camps saw thousands of additional children attend, many from unchurched families. Mock says some of the camps were even held on the grounds of orphanages.

And care for these children won’t stop there. Mock says, “As they wind up summer camps, they’re already preparing their Christmas outreach. And even while they wrap up Christmas outreach, they’re already thinking of their Easter outreach. So throughout the year, they continue to both reach people with the Gospel and then make disciples of the kids that come to their churches.”

The world can be a chaotic place, but the churches in the former Soviet Union persist in the love of Jesus. Mock says, “He is the one thing that is not chaotic. The one thing that is certain, and foundational, is the hope that we have in Jesus. We pray that in the middle of these difficult days, an increasing number of these people would become more rooted and grounded in the Word of God and God’s promises.”

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And pray for the continued discipleship of these children and their families.



Photo courtesy of the Slavic Gospel Association on Facebook.

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