Shepherds clients minister to the needy

By December 21, 2009

USA (MNN) — Participants
in Shepherds Ministries independent living program, the Catalyst Program,
recently decided to turn their Christmas party into an opportunity to
serve. All 23 have developmental
disabilities, but they were excited to be able to give to others who have
greater needs. 

"At least all of our clients have
a roof over their heads," explained program director Tracy Lackey. "They might not have a lot themselves, but
they have their basic needs met. And we
were going to people that didn't even have a home to call their own." 

The group bought $250 worth of
perfumes, watches, and baby bottles for the Milwaukee Rescue Mission to give as
Christmas gifts. On December 3, they
spent two hours wrapping presents for the mission to give away. 

"We took our party, and we went and served," Lackey said. "We have hundreds of people that come to our
ministry to minister to us. And that's
wonderful. And our people all have
needs. But God still has created them to be able to serve. So I wanted a
chance to be able to have them serve to see what they can do for others."

Since the people who attended the
party receive a lot of service, Lackey said the mission provided a great opportunity
for them to unselfishly serve other people and to realize how much God has
given to them that they can share with others. 

"I do not believe that some of
the clients even realized until we got there that there really were people
living in Wisconsin that didn't have a home," Lackey explained. "Their eyes got big, and it made them realize
how they can give back. I've had several ask if we could do it again next

It was exciting for Lackey to see
her clients embrace the opportunity and express interest in helping others. 

"I think it promoted self-worth
for them," she said. "The lady that was
in charge there at the mission, in charge of us wrapping presents, kept telling
them what a blessing they were. And you could just see the
smiles on their faces."

Pray that God will continue using the
people of Shepherds to share the Gospel and minister to the needs of

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