Ship docked for maintenance

By July 23, 2007

Germany (MNN) — Operation Mobilization's ship Logos II is closed to the public, but
only for a few weeks.

It's time for annual maintenance to keep the vessel in shipshape. "Dry dock" is a time for crew to do all the things they can't do while the ship is open to the public. The crew is excited for this time since they get to do new things. Some members work on repairs while others serve in different ways on shore in Bremerhaven, Germany.

"I normally work in the Book Fair, but now I'm working in maintenance," said Elysse Redmond from the U.S. The priority now is to get the ship ready as well as to obtain a Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.

While the crew does maintenance, the leadership of Logos II and Logos Hope are preparing in other ways. When Logos II returns to its program schedule in September, there will be a transfer of about 120 personnel from Logos Hope to Logos II. They are planning now to make it an effective transition.

In September, they will celebrate the personnel transfer and the new program with a short public program. Then, they set sail.

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