Shoes provide solid footing for ministry in Honduras

By December 11, 2008

Honduras (MNN) — Ruth Kramer with Mission Network News is in Honduras with Buckner International and files this report:

"Today, our
Shoes For Orphan Souls team began the day at the Casa Hogar Omoa, a private
girls' home that is being supported by a church in the United States. 

"The girls were waiting at the
door when we arrived. Ranging in age
from 3 – 18 years old, they each came up with a friendly ‘hola!' and a
hug. The most notable thing about this
home is its cleanliness and the general care of the girls. In contrast, state-run homes are often
crowded, the children dirty, and the state of the facilities in disrepair.

"Some members of the team found
themselves in a knot of curious girls as we began to unload our Vacation Bible
School supplies and the shoes, and get organized for the day.

"Mandi Wheat, a fifth year
education senior from Baylor University, was one such person. Her love for the girls was evident in the hugs
and laughter exchanged in broken English and Spanish.

"Her team was starting with the
Vacation Bible School program, followed by the shoe distribution. When the women were organizing the shoes,
they saw that the girls' feet were dirty and needed to be washed. Bins and soap were brought, along with paper
towels, and the team got to work.

"Wheat says they explained that
just as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples to serve them and show His
love for them, the team washed the feet of teenage girls and then gave them
new socks and shoes. 

"I asked her what she wanted to
take with her at the end of this trip. She
said,  'I think definitely more of
an understanding of the culture of Honduras, and how the Lord's hand is at work
here, and more of a global perspective on Kingdom work and how God is using
Hondurans to accomplish His purposes also, just like He is everywhere.'  

"Tomorrow, our team heads out to
visit a couple of state-run orphanages.
Many of the children, we're told, are barefoot and do not own a single pair
of shoes. 

"The shoes given through Shoes For
Orphan Souls
meet a basic physical need, which then opens the door for the
teams to share the hope of Christ. And to an orphan, hope means everything. You can be a part by going on a trip."

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