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Published on 06 September, 2016

Short time, big changes

International (MNN) — Sometimes all it takes is a single moment to change someone’s life. If that’s true, imagine the radical difference that could come from just a year’s worth of those moments. It’s been a full year since Greg Yoder joined Keys for Kids as an executive director, and in those months, there have been powerful changes with the organization.

And yet, the impact is even more impressive when you realize just how long Keys for Kids itself has been moving in children’s lives.

“God has really blessed us with almost a 75-year history, and we’re just hoping that people will catch that vision and that passion of what we’re doing,” says Yoder.

So what’s changed in the past year? Plenty.

“We’ve been able to see our radio station,, take off. We’ve got more than 16,000 people listening to that radio outreach right now.”

Photo Courtesy Keys for Kids

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

There have been several new programs added to the station, as well. “We launched Parent Minute which features yours truly, who’s no expert on parenting, but has made a lot of mistakes and has some successes. We share that a little bit with each other, and it’s iron sharpening iron,” says Yoder.

And yet, there’s more going on than just radio, too. Keys for Kids wants to make sure they reach children in the ways they’re used to. For example, “We’re probably in about a year process of making this a state-of-the-art app that kids are going to want to be on, games, and you can read and experience Keys for Kids in a really unique way.”

But the impact Keys for Kids has carries even more potential. Now, Yoder says they’re trying to spread the truth of Christ even beyond the borders of the English language.

“We’ve developed some international ties with some organizations that we’ve partnered with to translate Keys for Kids devotionals into the heart language for kids, so we can reach them and their families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those languages include Greek, Macedonian, Albanian, [and] we’re hoping Arabic.

Photo Courtesy Keys for Kids

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

“The challenge is, how do we fund that, how do we get people excited about the fact that Keys for Kids is doing some amazing things?”

That’s where you could come in. If you want to find out more about the things Keys for Kids is doing and see what part you could play, we’ll connect you right here.

Yoder says it’s especially crucial to reach children with the truth and hope of the Scriptures.

“Bottom line is, we want them to be our future leaders. And, if it’s founded on God’s Word like a Christian worldview, that could change a lifetime.”

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  1. Master says:

    The power of the Holly Spirit should upon Grey and others for spreading the Gospel

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