Silk Road transmitter connects Central Asia to the Gospel

By June 10, 2019

Central Asia (MNN) – The ‘Silk Road’ is a famous route that connects parts of Asia with East Africa and Southern Europe. Now, the Silk Road Transmitter will connect those parts of Asia with the Gospel.  Today, Trans World Radio (TWR) debuts its new AM Silk Road Transmitter.

TWR has been working on the transmitter for several years to improve and expand upon their current coverage of programs in Central Asia.

The Silk Road Transmitter will provide better coverage and share programs in more languages.

As they broadcast in different areas of Central Asia, TWR will air their programs “The Way of Righteousness”, “The Christian Home”, and “Christian Youth”.

Starting with the Basics of the Gospel

TWR’s John Fugler says these programs were specifically selected because there is a large number of unreached Muslim people groups in these areas. These programs will introduce people to God and Jesus and walk alongside listeners to give them a better understanding of who they are.

“You have to understand that these people, most of them that we’re speaking to have no concept of who Jesus is. So, we have to start with the basics and take them from where they’re at to where we want them to be in an understanding of Jesus Christ,” Fugler says.

Because the coverage of the Silk Road Transmitter is so vast, they can reach 60 million people from different backgrounds and spiritual understandings. Some people may be practicing Islam; others may be Muslims in name only.

“Especially in the big city, you would walk around and you’d see that all these people,… it’s more of a humanistic and more of a secular mindset. It’s just the sense of godlessness — really an absence of God, Himself.”

However, this absence has left a ‘God-gap’ in people’s lives. As a result, people are drawn to hearing more about the Gospel on TWR’s programs.

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio via Facebook)

There is “a curiosity, a hunger, having never heard this before. This is a personal God that they’ve never heard about, and the Lord draws them in through His Holy Spirit to Jesus, and they understand they can have a personal relationship with Him.”

Fugler says this is a foreign concept to people who have never heard of Jesus.

“They’re hearing the Gospel for the first time. I mean, it’s mind-boggling for them.”

Take Action

Today, TWR is kicking off their new Silk Road Transmitter. This means it will be the first time for many people in Central Asia to hear the Truth and the Good News of Jesus.

Ask God to work through TWR’s transmitter. Pray their programs will reach many people, and the Gospel will grow deep roots in lives across Central Asia.

Help support TWR’s work and coverage across Central Asia and other unreached areas of the world by becoming a financial partner here.




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