SIM distributes food aid after multiple attempts

By February 16, 2009

Zimbabwe (MNN) — After multiple attempts were rejected, a door has finally been opened in Zimbabwe for Serving In Mission (SIM).

With the help of its partners, SIM can now distribute multiple consignments of SEJO (a highly-nutritious, sorghum-based meal porridge) throughout eastern Zimbabwe.

Since 2000, little food has been produced in Zimbabwe. Starvation has claimed hundreds of lives, and in August a cholera epidemic sickened thousands more. The 5.5 million people living on a single meal or less per day commenced international concern. SIM responded through a partnership between its Zimbabwe HOPE for AIDS team, Multi Ministries, and the Central Methodist Church of Johannesburg. Despite demands that President Robert Mugabe step down, he refused and rejected offers of humanitarian aid.

SIM continued its work in other African ministries and hoped for a breakthrough. Thanks to concerted prayer and careful negotiations, SIM can now put its food aid plan into action.

Phase One aims to benefit 800 families throughout the volunteer infrastructure of local United Baptist Church congregations, whose churches spread across the eastern highlands. Without shelter and sanitation, the scenario remains one of near humanitarian disaster.

SIM will continue to participate in food relief for thousands of displaced individuals in Musina, a South African border town. The Central Methodist Church of Johannesberg will also receive SIM assistance, providing refuge for 1,500 people. Director Tim Barrow of SIM-ROSA (Region of South Africa) and SIM-UK Director Keith Walker recently assisted in Musina with ministry and food distribution for over 2,000 refugees.

Pray for the sick, young and elderly who will receive this food aid.
Pray also that they will see and know Jesus through Shona Bibles
distributed along with the food aid, and the love shown by volunteers. 

Pray that God provides wisdom and stamina for SIM staff and partners as they plan and work with needs that outweigh resources. If you'd like to know how to help, click here. You could help four people with a gift just over $100.

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