Singapore churches pledge to send 100 mission teams across Asia

By September 15, 2003

Singapore (MNN)–SIM reports that in April 2003, churches and missions in Singapore pledged to send 100 mission teams into cross-cultural service throughout Asia within one year.

This pledge was made during “Mission Summit 1,” hosted by a church-initiated movement called “Love Singapore.” Although the SARS epidemic interrupted
mission activities for several months, this did not discourage the wave of missions which came to be known as “FEVER 100.”

Singapore’s enthusiastic evangelical churches, excellent infrastructure and freedom of religion have made it a strategic and stable base for sending missionaries.

Despite its mix of religions (including Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism), Singapore has sent missionaries worldwide for more than 20 years. Today, seven-point-eight percent of Singaporeans are considered evangelical.

As of 2001, approximately 457 national Singaporeans were serving in cross-cultural ministries. Singapore is home to 16 seminaries, Bible schools and missions training schools. Among these, Youth With a Mission has agreed to train the FEVER 100 teams for short-term mission service.

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