Sinow come to Christ as the Gospel is revealed

By December 21, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — Last week we told you that the Sinow people of Papua New Guinea would be hearing the complete Gospel story by Christmas. In June about 150 people started listening to chronological Bible lessons from workers with New Tribes Mission. This unreached people group has been listening intently since then.

On Tuesday, December 19, missionaries expected 175 people to come for the final evangelical Bible lesson, telling the story of Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection. They were surprised when 225 packed the meeting place.

Missionary Mike Cratch says they simply shared the Gospel and then left it to sink in. “We spent the afternoon meeting with them informally and seeing where they were at,” says Cratch. “I had several great talks and heard tear-jerking testimonies of faith in Christ,” Cratch continued.

“One guy unprompted took off his dirty shirt and said he is clean. He then pretended to put on an imaginary cross. ‘Jesus took my dirty shirt,’ he said. It was especially neat because he had not heard that type of imagery from us. He came up with it on his own,” Cratch says.

Pray for the missionaries to have discernment and the right words to say as they continue to talk with the Sinows one-on-one. Pray also for the new Sinow church, which is just beginning it’s journey. Pray that these new believers will grow and that their church will not only reach the Sinows with the Gospel, but also neighboring tribes.

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