Great Crate hits a Filippino ministry with Christmas blessing.

By December 21, 2006

Philippines (MNN)–Christian Resources International just got word that a Great Crate is unpacked and ready for distribution in Iloilo City on Iloilo island in the Philippines.

CRI’s Fred Palmerton is working with Pastor Ruperto Alparaque (alpa-rocky) who has an extensive ministry there. The 20-foot container was filled with tools for the Doane Baptist Seminary and the “mother church”, Doane Baptist.

It was an unusual shipment, explains Palmerton. “It included library books, Daily Breads, hymnals, Sunday school, audio tapes, and it had a wonderful three-octave set of bells that was going to one of the churches. We were able to ship some office furniture this time.”

The donation of such unusual items came with mixed feelings. Palmerton explains that Pastor Alparaque’s U-S church home in Mid-Michigan had to close its doors. They arranged for CRI to take all of their supplies and send it to Alparaque’s ministry. Proceeds from the sale of the church building will go to support his evangelistic work for another few years.

There are other concerns, as well. Palmerton says the distribution could be tricky among other indigenous partners. “The radical Islam terrorist threat over there is very real and has been growing since 2002. We’re just praying that this kind of shipment gets into the right places without drawing attention to those factions that would oppose it.”

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