Tsunami-stricken communities survive, thrive as believers provide support.

By December 21, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–In the two years since the tsunami devastated Indonesia’s coastline, International Aid’s Myles Fish says much has changed.

They’ve been invited in to conduct two programs for the government of Indonesia. “We are repairing and/or replacing all of the medical equipment in the 31 hospitals that are located in the province of Aceh. We’ve been working on that now, for two years, and will continue to do that until it’s complete. We also have begun Community-based Healthcare programs.”

Their team set up a medical equipment repair and training center in Banda Aceh. The center is an important and strategic step in restoring Indonesia’s health care infrastructure.

Fish says open evangelism was not acceptable in the region prior to the tsunami. However, that changed with I-A’s approach. “We start by demonstrating our love for Christ by loving the victims of the tsunami and building the relationships that are necessary so that we ultimately earn the right to share who we are in Christ.”

Fish says ministry is in the relationship-building. Instead of scaling down, “The work that we have done so far has led to another invitation where we’re being asked to replicate our program in Banda Aceh in 16 other regions of the country.”

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