Slaves are being freed in Ghana

By September 9, 2005

Ghana (MNN) — Every Child Ministries is awaiting word on when they’re next liberation date will be, but they’re asking Christians around the world to pray.

Their Volta Region staff says an agreement has been reached for another slave liberation, but the date hasn’t been set yet. The shrine being liberated contains 126 trokosi slaves and their children. Pre-release counseling has already begun.

Trokosi is a slavery-like practice of the Ewe (ay-way) people, especially those in the southern Volta region, where women are required to become property of the god or gods of a fetish shrine in order to atone for a families’ prior wrongdoing. They may also appeal for relief from natural misfortune such as famine or disease. The practice was outlawed by the government in 1998, but many shrines still practice Trokosi.

Every Child leaders believe the liberation will be coming up in November. There is a rumor going around that a former Trokosi who accepted Christ went crazy. Because of the rumor the women to be released are saying they will never accept Christ.

Pray that the women and children who will be released will see the truth and not continue to be shrouded in darkness.

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