Smallest nation gets help in fighting AIDS

By January 12, 2010

Suriname (BIBLICA/MNN) — Although
Suriname is the smallest nation in South America, nearly five-percent of the
people are HIV-infected.

"This percentage is like a time bomb," said Biblica Netherlands
Director Jan Otter. "Experience in other countries has shown that the
percentage can quickly rise to 15 percent or higher. For Suriname, with a total
population of 490,000, this would be a disaster."

In response, Biblica Netherlands
launched its Reach 4 Life HIV/AIDS prevention program. The government is
implementing the program throughout Suriname's school system.  

Biblica is partnering with Feed My Lambs Foundation and the Suriname Bible
Society to provide Suriname with 20,000 copies of the R4L New Testament
that serves as the program's textbook.

Nearly 200 church workers are trained to lead Reach 4 Life groups. The
program helps youth learn healthy, biblically-based ways to make wise life
choices and avoid HIV infection.

Teens meet weekly in groups to discuss information in Biblica's brightly-colored, teen-oriented Reach 4 Life New Testament on relationships,
sexually transmitted diseases, and more. The New Testament includes
first-person stories of lives affected by HIV, 40 Bible studies, and frank
discussions of sex, relationships, and life choices.

Currently the New Testament is available in five languages, including
Dutch–Suriname's official language.

Learn more about Reach 4 Life at


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