Soccer, celebration, and the Gospel: Good news from Haiti

By July 5, 2023

Haiti (MNN) — If there’s a headline about Haiti these days, chances are it’s not good. Over the last year, the country has seen a dramatic rise of gang violence in the south, kidnappings, and a spiral into political anarchy. But what’s the local perspective? Is there any good news in Haiti?

We spoke with Kate Michel from Radio-TV 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti and a ministry partner of Trans World Radio. The organization is based in northern Haiti.

Michel says, “I’ve been involved in Haiti for more than 20 years. I’ve seen it better in Haiti. My husband is from Haiti, from Cap-Haitien. We are excited about some of the things we see going on in Haiti. It’s not all bad news by any means. Certainly, that’s what people hear often but there are so many beautiful things in Haiti [and] so much potential.”

Haitian family (Photo courtesy of 4VEH)

4VEH broadcasts a variety of Gospel-based programs in Haiti on radio and local television — everything from prayer requests and agriculture tips to Haitian soccer games and holiday celebrations.

It may seem simple, but Michel says these programs bring people together and celebrate what’s good in Haiti!

“Haitians love soccer. Everybody’s a big soccer fan in Haiti. In the past, we had those programs on the radio, but now we do local television and we’re able to broadcast those programs live of soccer games,” says Michel.

“So we’re able to connect people, maybe Haitians who left Haiti 20 years ago. All of a sudden, they can watch their local team on Facebook Live and just be reconnected with their heritage and feel proud about being Haitian.”

4VEH also ran a program celebrating 200 years of Cap-Haitien, the historic capital in northern Haiti.

“There’s so much history and richness in the culture in Haiti, and just being able to share that with Haitians so that they can know that they can be proud of who they are and maybe be a part of Haiti’s future as well.”

Please pray for the Gospel to change hearts and lead to lasting peace in Haiti. Pray also for Christian workers in Haiti fostering beauty and hope to be spiritually encouraged in ministry.








Header photo of sunrise over mountain in Haiti, courtesy of Cole G/Unsplash.