Social media reaches Indians for Christ

By June 5, 2023

India (MNN) — Anti-conversion laws in northern India have escalated persecution of minority Christians over the past two years. Local partners of The Voice of the Martyrs Canada soon founded the Sui Juris Law Firm in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, to respond to the needs. Director Sushil George says their firm helps release Christians from jail, post bail, and be acquitted of charges.

“The Bible very clearly says, ‘Seek justice and defend the oppressed,’” George says.

Read more about the Sui Juris Law firm here.

India’s constitution theoretically protects religious diversity, but the new laws against forced conversions have made any Christian activity a target. Learn more in this story. Even so, God is growing the Church.

The law firm’s co-founder, Ramchand Saranu, says, “The number of people coming to the Lord, during this past two to three years actually increased. So we have seen more coming to the Lord, receiving Christ, reading the Word, the past two years.”

The lawyers recently helped one new believer who was arrested during a private prayer meeting. He came to know Christ in a surprising way.

George says, “He was going through the YouTube, and his family accepted Christ through the social media platform.”

Personal evangelism can trigger violent attacks against Christians and arrests for allegedly breaking anti-conversion laws. Meanwhile, the Gospel continues to spread online. Saranu thinks social media was an important means for leading many Indians to Christ during the pandemic lockdowns and will continue to be a critical tool.

Pray for believers to share the Gospel with more Indians through social media.

George says, “More Gospel content should be produced in social media, so that the gospel is communicated to the new literate community which is larger in India.”

Listen to the full conversation with Ramchand Saranu and Sushil George on VOM Canada’s Closer to the Fire podcast.



Header photo courtesy of VOM Canada.

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