Somali pirates intensify ministry focus

By April 14, 2009

(Graphic courtesy VOM Canada)

Somalia (MNN) — Somali pirates are likely to escalate attacks in the world’s busiest waterways.

The pirate chief has vowed to avenge the death of three cohorts killed during a U.S. raid to free Capt. Richard Phillips, an American hostage held by the pirates aboard a lifeboat for days.

The Justice Department was reportedly considering whether or not to bring a detained Somali pirate to the U.S., Kenya, or Somalia to face charges. Both piracy and hostage-taking carry life
sentences under U.S. law.

He also could be handed over to Kenyan authorities, where other pirates have been convicted in the past, or sent back to Somalia.

Bob Hoskins with OneHope (formerly Book of Hope) says the story has a darker underbelly. Speaking of the pirate who surrendered in the hostage situation,¬† “They say he’s probably 14, maybe 15 years old; he weighs 85 pounds–just a child!”

The situation is indicative of children around the world who are lost without the truth.

“Their problem is their environment and the human desire for acceptance and affirmation. It is so deep, that it’ll drive these children to do desperate things, and usually it’s older people who are manipulating them and using them. My heart just broke.”

This story intensified Hoskins’ passion for reaching kids with the Gospel. “That’s what OneHope is all about: going into places of desperation and telling the children there is hope, and that hope is found in the truth of God’s Word.”

“By God’s grace, we’re able to deliver the Word of God to a child somewhere in the world for 33-cents. It just takes just $1.00 to reach three children.”

This month, a donor has offered a matching gift up $500,000. Hoskins explains, “Any gift that’s given to OneHope this month will be actually doubled. So instead of reaching three children, we could reach six children. That’s a pretty exciting prospect.”

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