Souls are being saved in tsunami hit areas

By March 23, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — As the needs abound in tsunami-hit areas of South Asia, mission agencies are seeing spiritual fruit harvested as they help. Teen Missions International is just one example of the incredible response to the Gospel.

The president of Teen Missions International, Bob Bland says they’re partnering with a group called Medan Cares to reach out to victims in Banda Aceh, Nias and other hard hit areas. Bland says, “Teen Missions International contributed about $17,000 to help refugees there in that area. They’ve been distributing Bibles and Christian literature, and they’ve purchased food for families and bought kitchen equipment and repaired temporary housing.”

Bland says 420 people have made professions of faith since their outreach began. They’ve also been able to distribute more than 600 Bibles and daily devotional booklets. He says funding is needed to help meet the need for an additional 400 that have been requested.

However, the biggest need right now is funding and people to help rebuild a church in Indonesia. “We’re looking for some teenagers and adults to go. We are sending a team to Nias Island. This is a place that there was really a tremendous amount of destruction. One village of 166 houses was totally wiped clean — nothing there.”

They also plan to take a team to India to assist in the tsunami victims there. Boot camps for the projects begin in June, so there’s not much time left. If you’d like information go to to get connected.

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