Romanians around the world are listening to Christian Radio

By March 23, 2005

Romania (MNN) — The World’s 26-million Romanian speaking people now can hear Christian radio in their own language. Little Samaritan Mission operates 24 Christian radio stations in Romania and now it’s broadcasting live on the world-wide-web.

Now Romanian speakers around the world can hear Christian radio 24/7 live from Romania by going to Already listeners from the United States, Italy, Spain, Russia, Austria, Israel, Ukraine and Greece are accessing the live stream, listening to inspirational music and programs. This Christ-centered ministry is now touching hearts and lives beyond their borders.

This new outreach is in addition to Little Samaritan’s 24 radio stations in Romania and 13 in Moldova. They have opportunities to open eight more by May 4th, but $25,000 is needed for each station. The cost to maintain just one station is about $1,200 a month, plus $1,300 a month for satellite uplink costs. Little Samaritan needs your help today to help reach Romanian speakers with the Gospel, perhaps for the first time.

If you’d like to help Little Samaritan go to or call them at (828) 396-2220.

Little Samaritan Mission airs Mission Network News into Romanian. We’re thrilled that they’re a partner in encouraging believers to reach the world for Christ.

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