South Sudan enters the year facing hunger, health, and financial crises

By January 4, 2021
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South Sudan (MNN) — Entering 2021, South Sudan continues to face hardships caused by the pandemic, economic fallout, violence, and natural disasters.

Many South Sudanese can’t meet basic nutritional needs. Locals struggle to obtain adequate food because of natural disasters and the financial consequences of the pandemic. Reports estimate that 7.24 million South Sudanese will face either food insecurity or crisis in the spring and summer of 2021.

And conflict is practically an everyday occurrence in South Sudan, with the violence that began in 2013 continuing into the present day. Many have died. Others have been forced to become refugees.

Hope for the Hurting

In the midst of these difficult crises, John Pudaite of Bibles For The World says the organization plans to come alongside indigenous ministries this year however they can.

africa, Bibles for the world, unsplash

(Photo courtesy of Megan Escobosa Photography via Unsplash)

“Our calling is to be a catalyst for individual and cultural transformation through Jesus Christ and the power of His Word,” he says.

This past year has been filled with an unprecedented number of emails, phone calls, and video chats. However, regardless of whether the ministry in 2021 will be primarily digital or in person, Pudaite hopes the same goal will be accomplished.

“We try to do [what] we call the three E’s: equip [ministry partners] with God’s Word, edify them with workshops, seminars, and speakers, and encourage them in their ministry,” he says.

“[Encouragement] is really the most important because they’re the ones who are going to reach out to their own people. We can be there alongside them, giving them the tools, ideas, and direction, but in the end, they’re the ones who are going out with a message of salvation through Jesus Christ.”

One specific way Bibles For The World will work in South Sudan next year is by distributing Bibles to children in schools. These Bibles, distributed alongside a Scripture-based curriculum, will offer the hope of God’s word to over 360,000 students. This project is one that Bibles For The World hopes to continue for years.

As Bible For The World looks to begin this project and navigate other ministries amid difficult circumstances in South Sudan, please pray for wisdom and guidance. To learn more about Bibles For The World and how to support them, visit their website here.



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