Spiritual change could be coming to unreached villages in Russia

By November 23, 2004

Russia (MNN) — Irkutsk, Russia is quickly becoming an important player in seeing the Great Commission completed. University students representing many of the unreached peoples in Russia are attending school in Irkutsk, and they’re the focus of outreach by Campus Crusade for Christ.

Campus Crusade’s Irkutsk director Eric Coe says, “There’s over 100,000 students in the city and students from Buddhist people groups, Shamanist people groups, Buddhist and Shamanist people groups. And, that’s why I think Russia represents the most strategic opportunity for fulfillment of the Great Commission that’s out there today.”

Students from Yakutia, Buriatia, Tuva and other areas of Russia largely unreached with the Gospel are attending school in Irkutsk. Coe says if they’re able to reach these young people for Christ, it could make an incredible impact. “These students represent the very best of their people group. These are students who are from villages where they may be the only person who leaves that area to go to university. These are the future leaders of their community.”

Coes says two Yakut students have already come to Christ. He’s praying more students from other people groups will also be touch by the hand of God and give their hearts to Christ.

Coe says in order to see this happen, Christian students need to start multiplying themselves. He says while Campus Crusade is growing in Irkutsk, students need to do more. “I didn’t come to Russia, necessarily, to reach all of these students here. I came to Russia to reach the students, who would reach the students, who would reach those who are here.”

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