Sri Lanka passes new laws, threatens mission work

By May 30, 2008

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Gospel For
is raising the alarm over the latest restrictions in Sri Lanka.  

A new law restricts noise levels
after 10 p.m. GFA's Sri Lanka head calls
it a direct attack on late-night prayer meetings, adding that it was introduced by a politician
extremist who is responsible for violence against Christians. 

"We are desperately praying for
peace in our country," wrote Lal Vanderwall, head of Gospel for Asia's
ministry in Sri Lanka. "The country's situation is going from bad to

Sri Lanka's government has vowed to crush rebels as
attacks mount. President Mahinda
Rajapaksa says he
will not be intimidated by the terror strikes. Instead, he will continue his military pressure on the rebel

A recent bombing in the capital was blamed on the rebels. That blast
killed nine people and wounded 73. Apparently,
it was the work of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam fighting for a separate
homeland for minority Tamils.

But with the threat of civil war growing, daily life has been affected.
Inflation is a big problem, and the cost of living is going up rapidly. The police are restricting citizens' abilities
to move around.

GFA says their students have been
facing increased harassment, which has
had an impact on their evangelistic work. 

However, "In spite of all
odds, the ministry is progressing. Day by day, people are coming to Christ,"
Lal writes. "People are responding to the Gospel very much, including the
security forces." Pray that their workers would still be able to help many
people find hope in the Lord.


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