Sri Lankan rains threaten sponsor children

By December 18, 2015

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Since November, incessant rains have flooded Sri Lanka, leaving thousands of people homeless.

Photo Courtesy Compassion International Blog

(Photo Courtesy of Compassion International Blog)

In our world, more than a billion people live on less than $2 USD per day. Compassion International is working to end poverty through child sponsorships.

These sponsorships in Sri Lanka provide kids with an education and vocational training for later employment. Because the program is rooted in the Christian faith, children receive regular Bible training through local churches. Unfortunately, child sponsorships don’t stop disasters from happening.


Photo Courtesy Compassion International Blog

(Photo Courtesy of Compassion International Blog)

These rains come at a not-so-keen time. Sri Lanka’s Northern Province experienced a dry season prior to the rain, making it more difficult for the earth to soak up large amounts of water.

However, dry land isn’t the only factor in flooding. Poor drainage systems, improper land use, and deforestation are contributing factors, too.

Still, this continuous stream of rain threatens these kids’ homes and families.

As of December 10, the rain has affected over 700 beneficiaries in at least 15 different areas.

These kids and their families are facing the growing possibility   of homelessness. They’re facing increased risk of health hazards. The standing water, combined with trash and sewage, makes a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms.

Sri Lanka’s army personnel and the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) are both working to provide relief. Army personnel have handed out food packets, basic amenities, and rescue and relief support.srilankamap

The SLRCS has handed out hygiene kits, bed sheets, and has helped distribute food and milk powder to people. Some SLRCS regional offices are also providing non-relief items to those affected by the disaster.


But Compassion’s help doesn’t halt when disaster strikes. Instead, Compassion provides child sponsors and their families assistance through its disaster relief fund. This means if you sponsor a child, this child is taken care of during the good times and the bad.

Disaster relief assistance includes:

  • emergency food
  • water
  • temporary shelter
  • trauma counseling
  • clothing
  • school supplies
  • and more.

And this disaster relief assistance needs the support of donations.

If donating isn’t a possibility, please join us in praying for the people of Sri Lanka.

  • Pray for the sponsorship children and their families.
  • Pray for their protection, health, and for relief in this situation.

Interested in sponsoring a child? Click here!

Want to donate to the disaster relief fund? Click here!


  • gamini says:

    there are no billion people in sri lanka and second no one can live on 2 dollars a day in sri lanka. They have to get Govt. suvbsidies

  • Beth Stolicker says:

    Thank you for the catch. It was a miss-quote and should’ve read, “In our world”, not “In Sri Lanka.” The proper adjustments to the story have been made.

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