Stability may take months to come to flooded India

By September 24, 2007

India (MNN) — Two to three weeks of endless rain have destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people in India and put mission work on hold. However, ministry has not

Even in these difficult circumstances, Gospel for Asia says the Gospel is shining through.  "Hundreds and hundreds of people are testifying of our missionaries and believers serving among these people who lost everything and suffering so much  that they are finding comfort and hope and peace as they council them, encourage them, and share with them about Christ and pray for them," said K.P. Yohannan.

Gospel for Asia's few hundred missionaries in the area have stopped all normal daily activities in order to bring stranded families help. So far they've been able to
provide food, clothing and basic medicine. "The house construction can only start when the waters subside. So the main crisis right now is all these tens of thousands of people who are stranded without work, without food, without transportation," said K.P. Yohannan. 

Since the main roads and bridges were washed away, the only way to get relief to families is by canoe. "I'm hearing of some of our missionaries really worn out and just tired
because the need is so huge they can hardly stop doing the work," Yohannan explained. 

In this area of India, homes are made of bamboo and washed away easily by the flooding.  GFA
missionaries are hoping to rebuild 500 to 1,000 homes as soon as they can. "Can you just imagine a man and his wife and kids lost everything and now somebody's building them a house. I'm certain they cannot help but open their heart to the Lord," said Yohannan. 

However, Yohannan knows that it is not going to be an easy road. "I imagine it's going to be another six months to a year of continuous work to bring some stability. You're talking about 3 million people just in one area and hundreds of people died, and
then you look into Bangladesh and Hassan. I mean the impact is so huge in terms of suffering," he said. 

Any funding to help their
effort in India is welcomed and might mean one more person coming to Christ.
 Yohannan believes this is the time to show the love of Christ even those people who usually target Christians. "This kind of love people are able to show, and the help they are able to give kind of puts them also in the limelight as people that really do care and show Christ's
love," said Yohannan.

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