Benin radio project makes progress

By September 24, 2007

Benin (TWR/MNN) — Trans World Radio's engineering team is
making progress in readying the new transmitting facility in Benin, West

The transmitter and an air conditioning unit are on-site. Two
additional containers with power generators and essential antenna parts are in
transit and due to arrive in Africa in the coming weeks.

According to TWR, the team signed the license agreement last
year, and TWR-Africa has persevered through several subsequent challenges
regarding the transmitter project, including delays in ordering and receiving
equipment and seeking out program producers.

Construction of the highpower medium wave (AM) station
in Benin is making steady progress. Missionaries, including the Cox and Kennedy
families, have been working hard to get the station operational. Paul Cox, a
broadcast engineer, is overseeing the installation of the transmitter and other
technical aspects.

Programming is scheduled to begin airing in December. Pray that the project goes smoothly so that
the team can proclaim the gospel to the region soon.

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